For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb
Psalm 139:13

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

DIY: peg and ribbon Christmas wreath

Hey champs. I've seen a few similar peg/clothespin wreaths hanging around the magical world of Pinterest, but was so chuffed with how mine turned out I thought I'd share a cheeky tutorial! This wreath is hanging proudly on our door, waaay before we've even given thought to a tree. 
Here's how to make one (spoiler: it's embarrassingly easy).

You'll need: PVA glue (or similar), scissors, ribbon, baker's twine, cardboard (I used a glamorous cereal box), 21 wooden pegs.

Cut out two circles from the cardboard (I drew around a DVD for roundness!). Cut out the centre of each circle leaving a ring of a couple of inches. 

Cut a strip of ribbon for each peg. Glue them on.

Place the two rings together. Once the pegs are dry, peg them on!

Add a bit of baker's twine for hanging, some sort of conveniently matching decoration and you're done! I love what a simple make this is and how you could change it up by using paint or washi tape instead of ribbon. Love love. 

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Christmas craft roundup

It's that time. 
Now we're into November I can no longer deny that Christmas is sooon. As such, aside from indulging in small amounts of I'm-not-ready panic, I've trawled through the Knit Happens archives (so you don't have to) and found some fun and easy craft ideas for Christmas. Bring forth the links, projects, patterns, recipes and ideas...

To hang about the place for festive cheer. Here's when I made these. 
This tutorial is pretty good.  

Remember the Crafty Christmas Club? There are still a load of great creative projects on there. Here's my guide to budget gift wrapping

This is by far one of my favourite festive makes. A wee bit fiddly but totally worth it. 
Find all the links and stuff you need here

This is super-tasty and doesn't require any time to mature. 
I've been saving jam jars all year for my Winter 2014 batch! 

Baker's twine, garden wire, cream yarn and some knitting needles. I-cord is go!

This is so quick to whip up and yes, it fits an iphone. 

I've also been really inspired by Kate's Christmas craft roundup at Greedy for Colour. As you'd imagine, there are lots of brilliant tutorials for colourful yarny treats and washi tape ideas. The confetti pompoms and cute hot air balloons are high on my list!

What are you making for Christmas? 

Monday, 10 November 2014

Remembrance Sunday

A host of handmade poppies at St Bart's in Bath. Each one carefully knitted, sewn or crocheted. 
A beautiful act of remembrance. 

Monday, 3 November 2014

off the hook: crochet ring pillow

Hey folks! Would you believe it? Another FO! 
I made this crochet ring pillow for a very special couple whose wedding we happily attended in September. (September weddings are the coolest, don't you know?)

The beautiful bride gave me a heads up about their colour scheme, then I gathered some yarns and got hooking. The cream is the same vintage cotton I made our ring pillow with, the burgundy is Rowan and the navy blue is the gorgeous Namolio linen I picked up at Unwind Brighton.  Add a big mother-of-pearl button and job's a good 'un. 

I love how the three colours work together and how sweet and squiggly the picots look in the linen thread! It was an honour to make this and a real thrill to see it used on such a special day. Ooh, I do love a wedding. 

Thursday, 23 October 2014

gone knittin'

A change of scenery can do wonders for a girl, don't you think?
Of course, it does help if that change of scenery just so happens to be somewhere sunny and paradise-like. Me and Mr P escaped to Greece earlier this month (our first proper holiday - a whole seven days!). It was pretty awesome. A get-on-a-plane, eat-lots, be-exposed-to-direct-sunlight, activity-type holiday is not at all our usual thing, but outdoor yoga with a view, swimming in the bluest sea and poolside knitting while Mr P reads and dozes beside me? Blissful. I think being somewhere else and/or doing something completely different can help re-set your brain a little. We came home feeling like we'd been away forever, ready to get back to it. Winter, you did not see this coming. 

I don't know if or when we'll have a fancy kinda holiday again, but I'll be taking a different route home, trying things that scare me and getting a bus somewhere new, because it's just like clicking refresh. 

Saturday, 4 October 2014

off the hook: autumn crochet shawl

Yup, I've finished (and have been swanning about in) my first ever crochet shawl and I LOVE it! I managed to get it stitched and blocked in time to wear it to a rather special family wedding. It's the biggest thing I've ever made and I loved the whole process of matching up a yarn I'm crazy about with the perfect pattern, spending time making it, having it grow a little as it blocks and then actually wearing it! 

The yarn is Louisa Harding's Grace Silk and Wool Hand-dyed (the colourway is Oriental) and the pattern is Lucy Croft's Lime Pickle from Simply Crochet issue 20. 

Grace is a lustrous, single ply DK. I scored two yummy skeins of it from a Black Sheep Wools bargain bin at a fair earlier this year and was waiting to come across the right sort of pattern - something pretty and lacy to go round the neck, but not too complicated. This pattern was it! Transportable, easy to memorise and fun to hook. The delicate picots around the edge totally make it. 

The pattern uses two skeins of a different DK yarn. I ended up using four of mine (thankfully Laughing Hens still had a couple left - it's discontinued).  Really, I went a bit rogue. Once I'd memorised the stitch pattern, I just kept on going until I'd used all the yarn. The finished shawl didn't look like much until I'd blocked it. In fact, I wasn't sure about the colours at all and thought it would be too small. Ah, the wonders of blocking. My wobbly little shawl straightened itself out and grew and grew. As soon as I wrapped it around my shoulders, I was smitten. 

And once I'd fallen in love with it, I wanted to wear it ALL OF THE TIME. As it turns out, it was the perfect partner for a particularly wafty and wonderful frock I'd bought. Me, the shawl, the frock and Mr P got dressed in our best for the aforementioned beautiful family wedding a couple of weeks ago. I received a lot of kind comments about my dear shawl on the day (um, actually yes, I did make it myself *beams*), and had a good old chinwag with one of my lovely in-laws (outlaws?!) about how she'd crocheted a similar shawl way back when. Cleverly, I managed to not get any pics of me at the wedding wearing it (sometimes a blogger's just gotta live life and not be all bloggy, ya know?) but I did get up extra early one morning to snap these so you could see it.  All in all: love the shawl, definitely recommend the pattern. Much yarn, many treble. 

Thursday, 2 October 2014

and the winner is...

Hey ladies,
Thanks so much to everyone that entered the giveaway during the Faux Taxidermy Knits blog hop, and thanks to Stitch Craft Create for organising it. It's now closed. I grabbed a teacup (of course) and picked the old fashioned way. And the winner is... *drum roll* *moment of suspense*

Hilda from Every Stitch! Congratulations Hilda, I have emailed you.

Remember, you can keep an eye on Louise's knitty goings-on on her blog. Hope you're all having a good week. I'll be sharing an exciting crochet FO at the weekend. 

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